How do I apply my skin?

Step 1: Read Instructions: Please review the instructions guide here as a reference for the simple installation instructions.

Step 2: Clean Your Device: Wipe the surface clean with the alcohol pads or an alcohol-soaked cloth. After cleaning the device, it is extremely important to avoid getting water on it. Wipe the surface where the Skin will be applied, with a slightly damp cloth, to remove any dust. Let it dry completely. Dust might still be found on the surface even after thoroughly cleaning it.

Step 3: Examine Your Gaming Skin: Get familiar with the skin. Pay attention to the position of the cutouts, logo placement, and overall layout orientation. This will make it easier for you to correctly apply the skin to the device and avoid mistakes.

Step 4: The Skin should be handled with care to avoid stretching it or breaking it. It is very important not to stretch the skin, especially the narrow sections. As you apply the skin to your gaming device, firmly press it from the center outwards to the edges, pushing any air puffs out from under the vinyl. It is crucial to apply the Skin carefully to your gadget as this will ensure it aligns properly with all the device's button openings and curves. Also remember that the skin is reposition-able so you can gently lift the edges to reapply the skin during installation if you make a mistake. If the Skin does not align correctly, carefully peel it off and try again. It is critical to do not stretch the Skin or it will no longer fit. You may use the applicator or a credit card or other plastic card to make this easier.