PS5 Controller
Interactive step-by-step Instructions

Follow Along: Screen + Handles

Carefully peel then place your gaming skin in the following order to ensure a smooth and easy install.

Follow Along: Handle Sides

Here's information to keep in mind during the installation of your full-wrap decal instructions:

Tools / Materials
  • Lint-free cloth: To remove dust and smudges from the surface of the device.
  • Squeegee or plastic card: To smooth out the decal and remove any air bubbles.
  • Heat source (optional): A hair dryer set on low heat can make the decal softer.
Preparation Tips
  • Make sure the device's surface is clean and dry to make the skin stick better.
  • Work slowly and gently, smoothing from the center outwards to release air bubbles without stretching or tearing the material.
  • (Optional) Once applied, consider adding a clear heat-resistant sealant (clear nail polish) to reinforce the edges and prevents peeling from wear and tear.
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So grass is green because it contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is needed to provide the process of photosynthesis and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, while obtaining energy for plant life. And it is with the process of photosynthesis that the green color of chlorophyll is associated.

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Most scientists believe that inside the Sun one chemical element - hydrogen turns into another - helium. Hydrogen particles are combined into heavier particles, with this combination, energy is released in the form of light and heat.

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The Sumerians were the first to divide the sky into twelve "windows" and group the stars about five thousand years ago. It was they who endowed each constellation with an expressive symbol and name and compared it with the events of the surrounding nature. Later, the ancient Greeks borrowed the idea of the “zodiac” (literally, “a circle of animals”) from their descendants from Mesopotamia and attributed a charismatic legend to each sign.

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Troubleshooting: [FAQ material]

^ Common mistakes to avoid (misalignment, air bubbles, wrinkles).

^ Solutions for common issues (lifting and reapplying, using heat to smooth).

^ Contact information for further assistance if needed.

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