Dragon Ball Super Frieza #1

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Product Type: Consoles
SKU: 1933-PS5-G

Fits: PS5

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  • All © copyrights are reserved to the respective creators/owners of the base design of this skin.
  • Claim: If you are the original creator of this design and you suspect that this has been used without your consent please contact us to claim this design by clicking here to resolve the matter.
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Dragon Ball Super Frieza PS5 Skin is a vinyl skin that protects your PlayStation 5 console from scratches, scuffs and dust. The skin has a gloss or matte finish to provide an ultra-sleek look while protecting your console. It comes with easy installation instructions and is easy to apply and remove.

  • Made in USA
  • Applicator squeegee included
  • Outstanding and easy to install
  • Premium vinyl skin
Material: 3M premium graphic film
Finishes: Gloss, Matte
Thickness: Thin - 3.2 Mil
Repositionable: Yes
Includes: Vinyl applicator, Installation guide

What To Expect: From Our Headquarters to Your Doorstep

Are you ready for this cool design? Before you buy, we believe in being transparent with you! This gaming skin is made-to-order, which means that we produce it specifically for you after you place your order, instead of being manufactured in advance and sitting in stock.

For that reason, this item goes through a full production process just for you! Here's the process of how it works:

Step #1: Design Review & Creation:

  • Pending Design Review: Once you submit your order and design, we put it in queue for our team to review.
  • Reviewing Design: Our team makes necessary adjustments for size, resolution, and compatibility based on the design you chose.
  • Pending Print File Creation: Your order is put in queue to create the final print file used to create your gaming skin.

Step #2: Printing & Quality Check:

  • Creating Print File: We create the high-resolution print file optimized for our special printers.
  • Pending Printing & Cutting: Your skin enters the queue for printing on premium, durable 3M vinyl. After printing, we cut it for a perfect fit on your device.
  • Print & Cut Completed: Now that your gaming skin is complete, we check for quality before packaging.
  • Pending Packaging: Your item is carefully packaged for safe travel, ensuring it arrives in excellent condition.

Step #3: Ready To Go:

  • Ready To Ship: We ship your item based your chosen shipping option. You'll receive tracking information so you can follow its journey to your doorstep.


  • Made-to-order products take time to ensure exceptional quality and managing all orders being processed. It takes an additional 6 days to fully process your order, not including your shipping options.
  • Every step is tracked: You'll receive email updates at each stage, keeping you informed and excited about your decal's progress.
  • We're here to help: Have questions or need assistance? You can use the "ask about this product" button (under the buy button); read the useful FAQs section below this page; or contact our friendly customer support team that is always happy to answer your questions.
  • Actual device not included.
  • To help minimize any issues installing, please use the installation guide provided (also click here).
  • To understand refunds and exchanges, click here.

We appreciate your understanding and can't wait to serve you :)

We're committed to being a trusted source for full wrap gaming decals and personalization. How do we stack up against the competition? Let's break it down:

Gizmo Trims Other Competitors
Design: Exclusive and awesome designs Limited and generic designs
Value: Premium 3M vinyl, no residue removal Off-brand vinyl, messy removal process
Profit Sharing: Shares profits with employees & designers No profit sharing with employees or designers
Community: Supports local businesses and artists No community involvement
Installation: Detailed & interactive installation guides Generic instructions, may require additional research
Returns & Refunds: Hassle-free refunds and returns for any product issues Complicated refund process, may charge restocking fees

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply my skin?

  • Category:
  • Installation

Step 1: Read Instructions: Please review the instructions guide here as a reference for the simple installation instructions.

Step 2: Clean Your Device: Wipe the surface clean with the alcohol pads or an alcohol-soaked cloth. After cleaning the device, it is extremely important to avoid getting water on it. Wipe the surface where the Skin will be applied, with a slightly damp cloth, to remove any dust. Let it dry completely. Dust might still be found on the surface even after thoroughly cleaning it.

Step 3: Examine Your Gaming Skin: Get familiar with the skin. Pay attention to the position of the cutouts, logo placement, and overall layout orientation. This will make it easier for you to correctly apply the skin to the device and avoid mistakes.

Step 4: The Skin should be handled with care to avoid stretching it or breaking it. It is very important not to stretch the skin, especially the narrow sections. As you apply the skin to your gaming device, firmly press it from the center outwards to the edges, pushing any air puffs out from under the vinyl. It is crucial to apply the Skin carefully to your gadget as this will ensure it aligns properly with all the device's button openings and curves. Also remember that the skin is reposition-able so you can gently lift the edges to reapply the skin during installation if you make a mistake. If the Skin does not align correctly, carefully peel it off and try again. It is critical to do not stretch the Skin or it will no longer fit. You may use the applicator or a credit card or other plastic card to make this easier.

How do I remove my skin?

  • Category:
  • Installation

When removing the skin, all you have to do is pull it off gently and quickly. No goo or sticky residue will be left behind, so there won't be an Issue. If for any reason you have a difficulty or it seems difficult to remove, apply some heat (sunlight, a lamp or a quick shot of heat from a blow dryer.

What are the skins made of?

  • Category:
  • Material

Our skins are made of premium Arlon reposition-able cast vinyl. They are airtight, leaving absolutely no sticky residue when removed, and have a special adhesive backing that minimizes air bubbles during installation. Our skins are super thin and strong and they are reposition-able in case you need to reapply the skin during installation.

What's the difference between Matte and Gloss finish?

  • Category:
  • Material

Matte finishes are non-glossy, satin-type finishes. They provide a unique look and feel to the design and fingerprints and smudges can remain undetectable. Glossy finishes are shiny in appearance and the colors appear slightly brighter.

Can the skins be reused?

  • Category:
  • Usability

No. Although our skins are reposition-able, they are not reusable and should be kept sealed until the application is finished. Once the skin has been bonded, however, you will most likely stretch it out while removing it. You may remove and replace the skin at any time, as it is completely removable!

Why does my skin not fit when I ordered for the correct device?

  • Category:
  • Usability

Please make sure your skin fits your device properly. Each skin is fashioned to match the design of each device, so please be certain to note any cutouts for sensor ports, rounded corners, portals, and so on. If you're still unsure about the fit of your Skin, please post a question via the contact us page. We will gladly assist you.

I made a mistake installing my skin. May I get a replacement?

  • Category:
  • Order Management

We understand that accidents can happen, so our satisfaction guarantee is one of the reasons people choose us. If you damage your skin during installation, you can request an exchange skin for 50% off of the item, limit: one replacement per order. We make every skin as made-to-order. We do not keep skins on-hand. You just need to cover the shipping cost if you want a replacement skin. You can contact us via email: support@gizmotrims.com

How do I change/cancel my order?

  • Category:
  • Order Management

You may cancel, change, or add items to your order within 12 hours of placing it. Please contact our customer service department via E-mail: support@gizmotrims.com as soon as possible to prevent delays.